The Reinvention Lab

The Office - Uniqueness in your business
Your Uniqueness in Business – Workshop

Date: Tuesday, 9 May 2017 at 6:30pm – 9pm

Reinvention is constant throughout our lives: changing jobs, moving countries, parenthood are common examples.

The Reinvention Lab is an opportunity to share experiences and acquire tools and techniques to help reinvent our lives.

Three workshops to:

  • Explore positive and challenging aspects of a transition.
  • Undertake a skill drill and uncover our strengths, competencies and inner values.
  • Design our vision for our personal reinvention.

Every workshop will host guests who will share their transformation and reinvention.

Networking, drinks and connections will close the evening.

Workshop 1
“Shifting perspectives: where do I stand, where do I want to go?”
9th of May 18:30-21:00

Our guests:

Marise Hyman, from Financial Services Auditor to Holistic Maternity & Sleep Educator/Coach
Eulalia Codipietro, from Financial Consultant to Real Estate Advisor.

Workshop’s facilitators:
Sara Coggiola Life Coach and Cross-Cultural Trainer,
Viviana Siclari Communication professional

Workshop 2
“The foundation of a fulfilling reinvention: Strengths, competencies and values”
30 May 18:30-21:00

Workshop 3
“My personal reinvention: this is how I see it!”
20 June 18:30-21:00