Mindfulness in Business

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Your Uniqueness in Business – Workshop
Four Keys to Double Your Business

Date: Tuesday, 16 May 2017 at 18pm – 19.30pm

  • How to stay focused when the pressure is on?
  • How to find innovative solutions that are right in front of us instead of applying yesterday’s answers to today’s problems?
  • How to make neutral decision when you’re emotionally triggered?
  • If you ever signed a credit card receipt only to realise you have never looked at the charge…
  • If you ever started your car and followed the same route as always before realising you’ve actually meant to go in a different direction…
  • If you’ve ever thought about the consequences of this automatic human behavior on your business…

You’re definitely looking for ways to be more mindful in your life.

ANIA MUCHNICKA spent the past five years in Myanmar and Thailand learning relaxation, breathing and meditation techniques that helped her go through professional and personal changes, enhanced creativity and improved her relations with people. She is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and a Vipassana Meditation practitioner happy to share tools that change the way we feel and interact with the world.

The workshop is a 90 minutes pure experience and a Q&A session.

We will practice quick and easy breathing and meditation techniques to use at work, before going to bed or as a morning routine to kick start an amazing day.

We will end with 40 minutes of Yoga Nidra – a deep relaxation technique that involves lying on your back and focusing on relaxing each body part individually, and then your body as a whole.

Please bring your yoga mat, flat blanket, and a bottle of water.