How to manage the risks to which my startup is exposed to?

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One Minute to Make an Impact: Networking Event on 10 October

Date: Tuesday, October 10 from 8:30am to 10:30am

Make your start-up sustainable : why should I manage risks, how can I manage my risks and which insurance do I need?

Speaker: Philippe Goutière, Managing Partner at ABIL S.A.

There is no return without risk taking, but there is nothing worst for a company than ignoring the risks it faces. Entrepreneurs who succeed with their company over the long term are aware of the risks to which their business is exposed and have learned to manage them.

Investors will indeed give higher value to the companies having implemented an appropriate Risks Governance compared to the others. Why? Because a company having identified and assessed its exposures and taken appropriate measures to reduce them to an acceptable level will dare to take the required risks to achieve the expected return while reducing unexpected volatility.

This is valid whatever the development of your company (early, serie A or exit phase). ABIL S.A. will review the appropriate risk management process and insurance program adapted to your stage.

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