The Reinvention Lab

The Office 1st birthday party
The Office’s 1st Birthday Party
Best practice to manage cryptos and ICO’s tokens

Date: Tuesday, March 27 at 6:45 PM – 9:30 PM
Setting up your business: make it happen
5 Steps to fail fast and succeed faster
Facilitators: Ibtissam Bargache and Viviana Siclari

A programme of eight thematic sessions starting in January to discover your strengths, values and passions, develop new skills, and design your unique path to professional reinvention.

A pool of selected experts and coaches to guide and accompany you with exercises, individual and group work. A group of peers to exchange experiences, discuss options and find solutions.

Networking drinks following each session.

Dates: 16 & 30 January; 6 & 20 February; 6 March, 20 & 27 March; 17 April

We recommend taking this programme as a whole to acquire a complete set of tools and develop personal commitment to your reinvention. Homework will be assigned from one session to the other. Registration to single sessions is however also possible.

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