Meetup: IT Recruitment 21 February

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Date – Wednesday, 21 February
Time – 18:30

This is the first meet-up in a series of IT Recruitment meet-ups in Luxembourg. Let’s learn from each other and broaden our network in the industry!

This meet-up is all about recruitment of IT talents. We are passionate about recruitment.

Talent in any company is what dictates its success, and nowadays there is almost no business possible without the contribution of IT talent. As it states in the recent McKinsey report – Early AI adopters that combine strong digital capability with proactive strategies have higher profit margins and expect the performance gap with other firms to widen in the next three years.

While technologies are in such a rapid growth in the world, the IT people change with them and the ways to find and attract talent are changing accordingly. So do we, Recruitment professionals, need to keep pace with the times, learn, improve, share knowledge to Get on top of the Recruitment game.

We will speak about new & better way of searching, communicating, attracting. We will share new tools and methodologies, which will help you give an excellent experience to your candidates.


18.30 – 19.00: arrival, networking

19.00 – 19.15: Introduction, getting to know each other

19.15 – 19.45: Matt Aberham (Senior Recruiting Manager@Amazon) will talk about tech recruiting at Amazon, where they look, what they look for, how they evaluate, how they close.

19.45 – 20.00: Valentina Brysina (IT Recruitment Lead@Docler Holding) will talk about “Sourcing: Why? Where? How? ”

20.00 – 20.15: Yuliya Ramanenka (IT Recruiter@THE RECRUITER) will talk about “Salary negotiation with candidates coming from outside of Luxembourg”.

20.15 – 21.30 Networking session@The Café