Past events

The Office 1st birthday party

The Office’s 1st Birthday Party

Date: Friday, October 27 at 9am to Oct 28 at 9am

27 October will be a celebration of all entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, consultants, dreamers & innovators who made it happen in Luxembourg!


Playing Lean – Learn Lean Startup in a fun and engaging way

Date: Tuesday, October 24 at 8:30am - 10:30am

You can read about aerodynamics, but it won’t teach you how to fly. You can, however, learn how to fly in a flight simulator. It is a risk free environment where pilots-to-be can make wrong decisions without damaging expensive equipment or causing loss of life. Playing Lean is a flight simulator for innovation and Lean Startup.


5 things I learned selling on Amazon (and 2 things you should too)

Date: Thursday, October 19 at 6:30am

A quick look on what I learned from selling on the biggest e-tailer in the world.

Insights, mistakes, breakthroughs, and 2 valuable takeaways for you all.


One Minute to Make an Impact: Networking Event on 10 October

Date: Tuesday, October 10 from 3:00pm to 5:00pm Conferences and networking events –ideal opportunities to connect with like-minded women, share ideas, and maybe even meet new […]

Blockchain For Dummies: Applications & Smart Contracts

Date: Tuesday, October 3 from 8:30am to 10:30am

Blockchain here, Blockchain there. Let’s have a break and simplify Blockchain’s apparent complexity.

Following the success of the first workshop organized on July 11, we decided to go for a second session and get deeper insights on Blockchain application and smart contracts issues.


Get Started in Luxembourg Share Your Experiences

Date: Tuesday,28  September 2017, from 5pm to 8pm

Just moved to or within Luxembourg as an expat? Share your experiences and get inspired by the community's insights and tips.

Help us to make the arrival in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg better for newcomers and generate ideas on how your next move could be better.


How can research help startups to grow

Date: Tuesday,26  September 2017, from 8:30am to 10:30am

We are pleased to welcome three great speakers who will share their experiences to have a deeper understanding of the academic and industrial research ecosystem and how startups can take benefit from it.


The Luxembourg Personal Branding Seminar

Date: Thursday,21  September 2017, from 6:30pm to 9:30pm

The Office Luxembourg - Free Seminar Series:

Simple Strategies to get you noticed, increase your opportunities and stand out from the crowd by David Holland.


Startuppers night Vol.2

We are proud to announce that The Office partner in an event organised by Banque Internationale à Luxembourg - BIL - “Startuppers night Vol.2”.

The event will take place on September, 28th at Technoport SA

Fireside chatter with Bert Boerman

Fireside chatter with Bert Boerman, Co-Founder of

Date: Monday,18  September 2017, at 7pm

Startup Grind fireside chatter this month with Bert Boerman, Co-Founder of Governance. is the investment fund oversight solution. Fintech Company of the Year 2016.