Hot desks

You don’t have the need for a physical office yet?

But you would like to work in the creative, dynamic heart of a business center? A hot desk gives you all flexibility to manage your working time just as you want.

Starting with one day a week, just pick any available working place in the common area and benefit from a professional place to meet clients and peers.

ultra fast Internet connection
high performance Wi-Fi
separate Skype room
access to the meeting rooms
cozy chill-out zone

discounts to The Office restaurant or free access to the separate kitchen – as you prefer

Still eager for more?
Here you go:

spacious desks with super comfy chairs
acoustic solutions for calm and focused working
phonecall booths
direct contact to our partner-specialists advising on variety of business matters
weekly brainstorming breakfast reserved to The Office members
access to the workshops and events
…and after the working day: cleaning service.

Any questions?

Contact us now!