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Whether you need a private space for a social event, workshop, business meeting or presentation, we have meeting and event rooms of all sizes. Host your guests in a unique coworking environment, and enjoy networking at one of our cafés or terraces.

29, Bld G.D. Charlotte, L1331 Luxembourg

Small Meeting Room

Up to 8 people

Bright, spacious and professional, this room can host up to 8 people around the table, but more if needed. Ideal for any type of meetings or trainings, our coworking area and The Café is just outside the door. A perfect location for a professional yet laidback feel!

  • Members 40€/h (VAT excl.)
  • Non-members 50€/h (VAT excl.)
  • Full day 300€ (VAT excl.)

Workshop room

Up to 50 people

Looking for a unique space to give presentations, hold all-day workshops or meetups, invite people for gatherings or host networking events in the evening? This room is large and spacious, flaunting a cool industrial vibe, with furniture that can be arranged according to your event type and needs. Accommodating up to 50 people depending on the setting, and with The Café next door, you don’t have to worry about food or drinks!

  • Half day (4 hours) 300€ (VAT excl.)
  • Full day (8 hours) 500€ (VAT excl.)
  • Evening 450€ (VAT excl.)

    * from 18:00 to 22:00

  • Members 60€/h (VAT excl.)

29, Bld Prince Henri, L1724 Luxembourg

Meeting Room 1 / Meeting Room 2

up to 4 people

Welcoming up to 4 people, the small rooms at our “City” location are ideal for quick meetings, brainstorming sessions, semi-formal conversations or coaching sessions. Minimally furnished, yet comfortable and colorful, stand out from the crowd by holding your meeting in a vibrant coworking environment.

  • Non-members 40€/h (VAT excl.)
  • Members 32€/h (VAT excl.)

Board Meeting Room

Up to 10 people

Decked with living green walls and boasting an industrial feel, furnished with a round table suitable for 8-10 people, our Board Meeting Room will meet your expectations and make your meeting a success! In need of some inspiration? Just take a look at our inspiring coworking space through the window!

  • Non-members 100€/h (VAT excl.)
  • Members 80€/h (VAT excl.)
  • Full day 600€ (VAT excl.)

Events Room

Up to 100 people

In need of a sophisticated and contemporary room for up to 100 people? Decked with living green walls and works of art, furnished with comfortable and colorful furniture, equipped with video and sound systems, our City Event Room is the ideal space to host any type of event with a large number of guests. This 100m2 room can be arranged to meet your needs. We can also provide catering services upon request. Make your event a success and impress your guests at The Office!

  • Half day (4 hours) 700€ (VAT excl.)
  • Full day (8 hours) 1.000€ (VAT excl.)
  • Evening 1.000€ (VAT excl.)

    * from 18:00 to 22:00

  • Members 152€/h (VAT excl.)