Ahoua Bakayoko, Founder of Missbak
Determined and passionate, Ahoua Bakayoko, Founder of Missbak, has centered her vegan and organic sk
Luigi Di Razza from The Office Team
Straddling between ‘City’ and ‘Charlotte’, Luigi, is our go-to guy when it comes to organizing event
Adrian Bardan, Freelance Software Developer and Founder of A3D Studio
A full-stack freelance software developer and founder of A3D Studio, Adrian Bardan, sheds light on t
Thomas Palacin-Danthine, Co-Founder & Creative Director of DEUUX
Creative Director and Co-Founder of his own studio, DEUUX, Thomas is ready to set his mark on the de
Lucyna Ruszkiewicz, Artist and Art Therapist, Story of The Week
Lucyna Ruszkiewicz, an artist with a mission to spread her truth, share stories and emotions, one br
Gaelle Haag CEO and Co-Founder of StarTalers
Winner of 50,000€ Female Empowerment prize at The Arch Summit in Luxembourg, for her startup, Starta
Mica Diaz from The Office Team
Have you met our newest Team Member, Mica? For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of chatting
Alain and Thibault from SMILE
…When tech magician’s, Alain and Thibault, two former colleagues from the big 4, teamed up with Fabr