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Lucyna Ruszkiewicz, Artist and Art Therapist, Story of The Week

Lucyna Ruszkiewicz, an artist with a mission to spread her truth, share stories and emotions, one brush stroke at a time!

Hi Lucyna, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hello, I’m a graduate of the Art High School and Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. I obtained a diploma in Art Therapy, after graduating from the Medical University, and I conduct therapies in the Gestalt trend- companions to people who are undergoing change. For many years I had an advertising agency, and I’m a graphic designer, I also arranged interiors. Today I mainly paint; I do what I love. I am filled with energy, create my reality, talk to people, and choose to be happy.

Have you always been an artist?

What does it really mean to be an artist? I don’t have addictions, I have great sons, a developmental relationship, I paint a lot- and I still have fun and make a living out of it. I think I am the artist of my life, because today, here and now, my life is beautiful.

What topics do you touch upon in your pieces, and are there any special messages you would like to share?

Every creator paints, writes, composes the truth about themselves. Only then does artwork speak to us. Each of my paintings is an accumulation of my experiences and emotions. It used to be more therapy, but today it’s about observation, meditation, and reflection. Cycle Wizard – is a painted image of changes which are taking place today. The awoken energy of women, opposing the destruction that humanity does to Earth, and building awareness amongst people. Pictures speak, change, and create a new reality. It’s a return to the source.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

Wherever women are ? I am inspired by our experiences, emotions, strength and fragility- which make up the pillars of our lives. When I work, I have some emotions on my mind and imagine a woman who will match these feelings. On the technical side, it’s very important for me, to have a good anatomy, so the figure doesn’t look like plastic. I can’t look at technical gaps in many paintings, it frightens me. My therapeutic inspiration is also a source of inspiration to me, along with relations, travels, forms, colors, structures, and energy of the places I visit. However, at the center of every piece, is a story of a woman.

Do you have a favorite art work that you painted? If so, why?

They are all my favorites, as each of them is a creation of mine. Only I change and grow creatively as well as in life, and my paintings reflect this. If I had already painted my favorite, why would I want to paint more?

What is an integral part of an artist’s work?

Sensitivity, empathy, observation, passion, persistence, development of the workshop, research, and the ability to transform. It is a job that is life. It requires consistency. Being in harmony with yourself. An artist’s work is a way, a process, and a need that results in work. It’s definitely not a hobby!

What is the role of the artist in society?

I visualize roles and name them in therapy. ? just to go out and live for themselves. An artist is a person just like everyone. He or she comes to accomplish his task on earth. I have talent and my task is to paint such images to raise people’s vibrations. Give them beauty and reflections, which makes them question.

How has your practice changed over time?

It changed because I changed. I take it seriously and am mindfulness about the process. That’s how I approach my art. It’s become my source of livelihood. I go to the studio, I work physically, emotionally and mentally for many hours. I accept orders and build relationships with clients. I am in full of humility, and make sure to take care of my body and well-being. I have also learned to accept my inspiration and lack of inspiration. I talk to my paintings as well as look for new means of expression. When I paint quickly, I tend to release emotions. Each picture is different, and now the whole process is important to me. Consistency and lightness of the message. I paint a picture for as long as I feel. Sometimes a week sometimes a month, it depends on the piece but you have to give it the time that it requires.

Do you have a dream project? What is your dream project?

I have a project to be happy through painting. To show, expose my paintings, reach people. Especially those people who are tightly locked in their own heads. Travel and paint where I am. It’s my creation. Here and now I am clarifying the participation in a large project in a beautiful European capital, and was invited by a great sculptor to do so. Artistically it is a demanding concept. If I can give the particulars, I will give and invite.

What is the best advice you have received and which one you want to share with artists who are just starting?

Councils are generally weak. For me, the most important discovery was the power of beliefs. Yes, so give up the type beliefs; that you cannot make a living from art, and that an artist dies of hunger ;-), I’m hopeless and others are better.

What current trends in the art world do you follow?

Honestly, I don’t follow, I just paint ? Much of what I see is not understandable to me, either “not drawn or not painted”. I look at a few things like phenomena, not art though they have the name “art ..”. I simply do my own thing.

How did you get in contact with The Office and Gosia?

I was invited to exhibit my works at the Fair of Arts and Antiques in Luxembourg. A wonderful organization and I am very grateful to have been there. There were a lot of fantastic open people at the fair who showered me with contacts. The first was Gosia’s number, a Polish female entrepreneur who combines business and art. Telephone, meeting, exhibition project. Action and reaction. Gosia likes my paintings and I love Gosia’s energy. It’s chemistry ?

Why did you choose The Office to display your work?

The Office is well-decorated, has space and colors, which I like. And seriously, I think it’s a great place without censorship and beliefs. Open to a very different type of audience. A place with a mission to combine business and art. Two poles, providing balance in life. That’s what the universe wanted. I trust that during the exhibition I will meet people who will love my paintings and show them in another promising place. I welcome everyone to my exhibition!


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